A day excursion to New York – is it worth the franticness?


I’ve quite recently arrived at New York’s JFK air terminal, not all that crisp off a departure from London Gatwick, and I’ll be back here again in only a couple of hours.

Why? Since Norwegian Air currently works twofold day by day flights over the Atlantic beginning at £269 return, which implies you’ll be having breakfast in London, lunch in New York and supper back in London once more. If you think 13 hours on a plane is justified, despite all the trouble, which is what I’m here to discover.

I approach the migration officer’s corner, and present my identification.

Here’s the means by which it works: Norwegian’s most punctual trip out of Gatwick leaves for JFK at 6.20am (GMT), getting you into New York for 9am (ET), with its last homebound flight withdrawing at 10.30pm (ET), getting you back to foggy London for 9.30am (GMT). You’re investing as much energy noticeable all around as you are in the Big Apple, and the main rest you’ll get over the 30-hour experience will be on the plane. Here’s the manner by which it went…

4am: I conscious, very by possibility, having neglected to set my caution appropriately. This isn’t a decent begin. In the event that I weren’t at that point at the air terminal, in one of Yotel’s on location dozing chambers, I would have missed my flight, which would have made for an exceptionally dull travel story. Swiftly I accumulate my belonging and make a dash – drained and frantic haired – to Gatwick’s registration counters.

4.30am: I needn’t have froze. The air terminal is peaceful and I easily get through security, at that point discover a bar to sit in. Is it super early? Or on the other hand extremely, particularly late? Late, I choose, which implies I can have a glass of wine. My arrangement is rest through however much of this plane adventure as could be expected: espresso would impede this.

6am: I have loaded onto the plane – Norwegian’s gleaming new Boeing 787 Dreamliner – tolerantly secured myself a seat by the window, and feel appropriately woozy and depleted for the seven-hour trip ahead. There’s a considerable measure riding on this arranged lump of close eye. Should I bomb, there is no possible way I’ll have the capacity to remain cognizant for the span of the taxing day that anticipates me in New York. Succeed, and I’m in with a shot.

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